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Kihon: basic essentiality, infinite creativity.

Kihon: basic essentiality, infinite creativity.

Discover the Kihon system: innovation and modularity in salon design

In the world of salon design, finding a balance between aesthetics, functionality and sustainability is essential. Takara Belmont has developed a revolutionary solution that meets these requirements: the Kihon system. This innovative salon furniture concept not only offers aesthetically pleasing solutions, but is also highly functional and environmentally friendly.

A modular system for infinite combinations

The heart of the Kihon system is its modularity. With its two variants Steel Fix and Wall Fix, Kihon is based on a small number of basic components that allow for an infinite variety of configurations. The frame and crossbar are the building blocks of this line, providing a robust and versatile base for mirrors, shelves, reception desks and more.

Each element of the Kihon system is designed to be modular and customisable. Thanks to the different housings on the frame, a wide range of compatible accessories can be integrated. This allows each individual solution to be adapted to the customer’s specific needs, creating a unique, tailor-made environment.

Adaptable solutions for every space

One of the most fascinating features of the Kihon system is its ability to adapt to any space. The structures can be either wall-mounted or free-standing, offering maximum flexibility in designing the salon layout. This versatility allows you to optimise the available space, while ensuring a functional and aesthetically harmonious layout.

Creativity without limits

Kihon is not just a furniture system; it is an invitation to creativity. Designers and architects can explore new ideas and combinations, taking full advantage of the system’s modularity. Each component can be mixed and matched to create innovative solutions that respond to current and future market trends.

Sustainability and innovation

In addition to its flexibility and creativity, Kihon places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Takara Belmont designed this system with a particular focus on the environment, using high-quality materials and environmentally friendly production processes. This not only reduces the environmental impact, but also ensures a long product life, offering added value to customers.


Learn more about how Kihon can transform your salon and bring your design ideas to life. Let your creativity take flight with the endless possibilities offered by this revolutionary modular system.

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