In a Century dedicated to the advancement of hairdressing, barbering and beauty that is defined and motivated by innovation, invention and the development of cutting-edge design and manufacturing, the Takara Belmont of today is the result of seeds sown in Osaka, Japan in 1921. The technology, facilities and infrastructure may not have been available then to do what can be done today, but the vision, ambition, dedication and attention to detail were.

From the outset, Takara Belmont embarked on a voyage to define global salon experiences through innovative furniture and equipment design. It set upon a mission to create and apply new and ground breaking technologies that would elevate both the customer and stylist experience. And, it set out its intention to be the world’s best – by setting benchmark standards of quality, design, functionality, performance and durability that would make, and leave, an indelible impression on the global salon market – by shaping its future as well as defining the present.

As part of this plan, Takara Belmont would expand into international markets. It would also extend its expertise into the heart of the market through a combination of customer service principles and salon design, by building a brand and a product range around the needs, and the anticipated future demands and expectations, of salon professionals and their customers.

By drawing on international fashion and design, cultural nuances and global trends, it would perfect the art of salon design from aesthetic, atmospheric impressions to space optimisation, service range and performance, and commercial maximisation for the salon and barbershop business. It has succeeded in all of these things.

A history of innovation
Our founder Hidenobu Yoshikawa formed Takara Chuzo Ltd. to manufacture cast metals.
Production of first Barber's chair begun.
The manual hydraulic barber chair was developed.
The Takara Company N.Y. Inc. was incorporated in New York as the first subsidiary outside of Japan. This is now Takara Belmont USA Inc.
Belmont Chairs London Ltd., now Takara Belmont (UK) Ltd., saw the company's fast expansion into Europe with a new office in London.
1960 - 1969
1961 The first iteration of what is now the iconic Apollo 2 barber chair was unveiled as Model No. 125.
1962 Takara Belmont successfully introduced the world's first motorised barber chair.
1963 The predecessor of today's Salon Console was launched to introduce the world's first foldaway basin concept.
1966-1967 and 1969 Global expansion continues with the opening of HQs in Toronto (Canada), Paris (France) and Frankfurt (Germany).
1970 - 1972
1970 A brand new era begins with the introduction of hairdressing chairs in the form of Model Nos. 116 and 119.
1972 The newly launched Takara Belmont Para America Do Sul sees the company established in Brazil.
1973 - 1977
1973 Famous collaborations with famous designers Michel Quennessen, Charles Pollock and Pierre Cardin elevate the cachet of Takara Belmont styling chairs and increase global sales.
Most notably Model No. 191A, launched as the Kenesen, established the foundations of today's Adria II, a design that has changed little since it was originated.
1975 A liaison branch was opened in Singapore to cover South East Asia.
1988 - 1989
1988 Presence Paris S.P.A was established as a joint venture with Maletti.
1989 The world's first infrared processor, the Rollerball, introduced a groundbreaking innovation to accelerate colour, treatment and chemical processing services and transform results.
1990 - 1997
1990 Technical innovation continues with the launch of the world's first fully automated shampoo system, developed for the Asian market.
1996 TS Belmont (Taiwan) Co. Ltd. was established as a joint venture with Tin Sing Trading Co. Ltd.
1997 Takara Belmont enters the nail business with the opening of the Takara International Nail College. The company acquires ISO 9001 accreditation.
1998 - 1999
1998 A joint venture is established in Seoul between Daewoong Belmont Co. Ltd and Daewoong Medical Inc.
1999 To mark the company's global reach and outlook, the Takara World Beauty & Barber Congress (TWBC) opens and showcases the new Kita and D.Series.
In this decade, innovation gathers momentum with the Oasis mobile shampoo system, along with collaborations with designers Satoshi Yagioka, Pierre Cardin and Toshiyuki Kita.
2000 - 2004
2001 The Takara World Business Congress (TWBC) is held in Tokyo.
2002 Takara Belmont (Taiwan) Corp. is established in Taipei.
2003 Processing innovation advances with the new Micromist processor.
2004 The Takara World Business Congress (TWBC) is held in Tokyo.
2006 - 2007
2006 European expansion sees the opening of new showrooms in Manchester and Frankfurt. The Takara World Business Congress (TWBC) is held in Tokyo.
2007 A new showroom is opened in London to showcase a wealth of equipment innovation.
Luxury re-imagined. Takara Belmont embodies luxury, technical innovation and nine decades of expertise in the transformative Yume shampoo system.
Processing innovation becomes more compact and mobile with the launch of the Spa Mist.
Styling chairs continue to evolve and draw upon the influence of designer Toshiyuki Kita with the new Rotondo styling chair.
Technical precision results in the SPX grooming chair, an evolutionary motorised barber chair that is set to transform everyday salon experiences.
The Legacy 90 reinvents past innovation to mark the company's 90th Anniversary. A barber chair inspired by an original 1940s design.
The G90 styling chair collection reflects on 90 years of innovation and the company's hairdressing heritage.
Spa Mist advances and improves processing outcomes with the Spa Mist II.
Inova EX marks yet another milestone in chair innovation with advanced electronics at its heart.
The transformative RollerBall takes an evolutionary step with refined technology and enhanced results as the all new Roller Ball F is released.
Classica 100
Released to commemorate the 100th anniversary. A redesigned model of Barber Chair No. 54. Produce a classical space.
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