Aldo Coppola Atelier via Cerva in Milan

Aldo Coppola Atelier via Cerva in Milan

On Monday 4 March, the world of beauty was enriched with the inauguration of the new Atelier Aldo Coppola in Via Cerva 19 in Milan, a 300 square metre space on three levels that embodies the concepts of Innovation, Design and Relaxation.

Wood is at the heart of this new Atelier Aldo Coppola, an element that not only gives a distinctive aesthetic touch, but also contributes to the overall well-being of both customers and employees.

Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of living and work in environments built with wood, emphasising its positive impact on health and emotional well-being, making moods more positive, regulating temperature, humidity and absorbing harmful substances in the air.

Every detail of the New Atelier Aldo Coppola tells of novelty in Beauty, with exciting details: the furniture made from recycled ‘Briccole’, unfailing icons of the Venetian lagoon, which exude a unique and unmistakable flavour of life; cedar, appreciated for its pleasant scent, has been used to create unique workstations called ‘Beccuccio’, ‘Audrey’ brush-shaped waiting sofas, the iconic Aldo Coppola brush, the new ‘Komoda’ armchairs, which combine design and comfort, and the ‘La Pettinous’ wardrobe unit, a large clothes comb. All the furniture has been designed and conceived by Aldo Coppola Jr. and made with the craftsmanship of Riva 1920.

Relaxation is ensured by the new Takara Belmont Yume head-washers, which offer a massage and head-washing experience that can be enjoyed while completely lying down, and by the exclusive Beauty Prive’, where it is possible to enjoy all the hair and beauty services, including the exclusive Coocooning service of four-handed head/body massage, in a room alone, with a friend or with a partner.