Hair Style – Bled

Hair Style – Bled

Relaxation and sophistication: welcome to the Hairstyle Salon in Bled, where design meets personal care

If there is one thing we know well in the world of beauty and hairstyling, it is that ambience counts as much as the skill of the hands that take care of you. The Hairstyle salon in Bled, Slovenia, has grasped this fundamental truth and encapsulated it in its cosy, designer ambience, which is perfectly matched by high quality products such as the Coff styling chair and the RS Primo wash unit.

Coff styling chairs embody the very essence of comfort and elegance. Every customer who sits in a Coff chair experiences the pleasure of being enveloped in impeccable comfort. With a slim backrest that adapts beautifully to long haircuts, the Coff chair is not only functional but also adds a touch of sophistication to the salon design. It is an experience that goes beyond a simple haircut; it is a moment of luxury and relaxation.

The RS Primo backwash is another jewel of the Bled Hairstyle Salon. Designed for maximum comfort, the RS Primo backwash welcomes the customer in an embrace of luxury and pleasure. Its ability to adapt to the shape of the client’s body ensures optimal support for the neck, while the extension of the leg rest creates a totally relaxing experience.

But it is not only the quality of the products that distinguishes the Bled Hairstyle Salon. Its simple, clean design, which cleverly mixes black and white with natural materials such as wood, creates a cosy, contemporary atmosphere. It is an environment where the art of hairstyling is combined with the beauty of the décor, creating an experience that nourishes both body and spirit. (Ph credit by Ana Skobe)