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A modern reinterpretation of our early barber chairs, this 95th-anniversary edition Legacy chair features an authentically timeless look, designed for barbers with a preference for vintage style. Legacy 95 is sturdy, secure, and extremely comfortable.

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Timeless design

An homage to our history celebrating the 95th anniversary of our passion for the care of the modern man. The Legacy 95 is much more than a chair; it is a design masterpiece that combines timeless authenticity with the most advanced modern features.

Precision and Comfort

The 360° rotation, lockable for maximum stability, allows the barber to work with precision and comfort. Its reclining backrest, along with the spring seat cushion, provides unparalleled comfort for the client throughout the entire treatment. The adjustable, integrated, and removable headrest, along with lumbar support, ensures an optimal position for every client.

Unique Experience

The elegant padded and upholstered armrests add a touch of luxury, while the optional second lever for reclining settings allows for further customization. The integrated coat hanger rods provide convenience, while the supports for headrest, towel, and hairdryer are designed to optimize space and facilitate the barber’s work.

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