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The epitome of worldwide luxury at 360 degrees, built on technological innovation and unimaginable comfort. The motorized Legend chair is functional and perfectly programmable for highly personalized grooming services.

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Technological Innovation:

The Legend chair embraces cutting-edge technology with a lockable 360-degree rotation, providing unparalleled flexibility to adapt to the client’s needs. Its control panel positioned on both sides, with two programmable preset settings, allows for intuitive and personalized management of the chair.

Unimaginable Comfort

The ergonomic design of the Legend provides uncompromising comfort. Its fully reclining backrest, synchronized extendable leg rest, allows for an indulgent grooming experience. The double-axis adjustable and removable headrest, along with lumbar support, ensures optimal support for the client during every stage of the treatment.

Customized Control

Total control is literally at your fingertips with the control panel and pedals at the back for the progressive adjustment of the chair and locking the rotation. The Legend provides seamless connectivity between the professional and their working tool, ensuring impeccable performance with every use.

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