The world's most innovative infrared processing technology that redefines the coloring process and actively contributes to increasing the service both qualitatively and economically. It accelerates processing times without compromising the hair's structure, while also enhancing the customer experience.

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Revolutionary innovation

The Rollerball F II processor represents a revolutionary innovation in the field of hair coloring, incorporating the world’s most advanced infrared processing technology. This tool completely redefines the coloring process, offering significant benefits both in terms of quality and economy.

Infrared technology

The distinctive feature of this processor is its exclusive rotating heating element with 3 sections in carbon. This cutting-edge technological feature ensures even heat distribution, significantly accelerating processing times without compromising the hair’s structure. The result is more efficient and high-quality coloring that meets the needs of the most demanding clients.

Adjustable temperature

The programmable preset settings and manual control allow professionals to customize the coloring process based on the specific needs of the client. With 7 scalp temperature levels ranging from 34 to 52ºC, the Rollerball F II offers unprecedented flexibility, adapting to different hair types and individual preferences.

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