Shampoo Units


Choose the power of innovation to transform daily washing and treatment services into VIP luxury experiences. The ultimate expression of cutting-edge technology and refined service.

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Innovation and Luxury

Elevate your salon to new standards of excellence. This shampoo unit represents the pinnacle of innovation, offering an impeccable combination of cutting-edge technology and top-notch service.

Comfort and Quality

Meticulous attention to every detail ensures a flawless experience. The 90-degree swivel chair and adjustable, removable headrest ensure comfort and convenience for the client. The fully reclining shampoo unit, equipped with dual gel headrest cushions, provides optimal support during treatment. The ceramic basin ensures high quality and durability over time.


Create a sensory space that offers the ultimate comfort. From the moment your customer steps into this sensory space, the process of healing begins. This experience will make them want to return time and again.

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