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Personalized Consultation

Specialized design consulting helps maximize the use of available space in the salon, allowing you to organize workstations efficiently and create a welcoming environment for clients, and convey a brand image that consistently represents the salon owner’s personality. and his salon.

Architects and Designers

Takara Belmont excels in offering personalized consultations, relying on expert architects and designers to create unique spaces in the beauty and wellness sector. From initial ideas to implementation, the team transforms visions into functional and aesthetically refined environments, perfectly aligned with the client’s needs. This approach ensures innovative solutions that elevate the user experience, making each space unique and unmistakable.

Kihon Collection

Kihon blends aesthetics and functionality, creating unique and personalized spaces, meeting today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s. Through modular elements, it offers endless possibilities for furnishing, from reception to sales areas, enhancing every environment. Kihon, which means “fundamental” in Japanese, is the smart solution for interior design in the hair & beauty sector, promoting variety, innovation, and modularity.

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