Symbol of generosity: Salon Maison BIRTHDAY

Symbol of generosity: Salon Maison BIRTHDAY

Maison BIRTH DAY is located in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, a five-minute walk along Namiki Dori, which stretches from Sano Station. The owner chose this location because he wanted the salon to grow while contributing to the local community in Sano, a city with which he has a close connection. In discussions with the client, the direction of the space was guided by an interior that would become a local icon and a space that is stoic but not too shabby, taking into account its rural location.

The Maison BIRTH DAY is mainly composed of spherical fixtures and light globes against white walls, with tiles reflecting them and the city. The name of the shop, BIRTH, refers to the celestial body of the space, so the overall composition has a floating feel. At first glance, the sphere in the center attracts attention and looks like a gallery, but the space as a whole shows an aspect familiar to the city by incorporating the round lighting found in the city based on the concept of celestial bodies.

Due to budget considerations, the original entrances were on both sides with a fixed window in the center, but the lower frame and glass in the center were removed and a new temper glass door was installed to strengthen the connection with the town as much as possible. It is hoped that the salon will become a friendly and symbolic salon that will grow with the local community.

Location Sano-city, Tochigi prefecture

Design and construction by Takara Space Design Corp.

Chosen by: Salon Maison BIRTHDAY